Houston’s Loc Fairy

Who is Stormie Roots? 

Stormie Roots also known as Storm is a Hair Stylist, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Title Holder, Soror and Creator. Storm is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and relocated to Houston, Texas. Storm has always loved hair and beauty from a young age and was determined to return to her craft after she graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park. 

The Journey 
Storm started college with an impressive 4.0 GPA! However, her grades quickly started to slip as her calling for hair took priority. Storm was known for doing hair in her dorm room instead of regularly reporting to class. Many times she doubted her place in college but was determined to finish with the hopes that her degree would support her dream of being a salon owner. Along the way, she pledged her beloved sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and after college moved to Houston for a fresh start. Her first stop in Houston, provided her a great opportunity to work for the Houston Independent School District. After 4 years of hard work as an educator she once again reached back to her passion and converted a room in her home to open her first home salon. As her clientele grew and became more demanding she finally decided to leave corporate America behind and follow her dream full time. 

"Follow your heart!" 
You can often catch Storm preaching to clients and peers, "Follow your heart!" By never losing her passion and following her heart, Storm's dream finally manifested when KNOT KRAZY: Natural Hair Salon opened in April 2019. Storm loves to share her story to motivate and remind women it is never too late to start over and follow your dreams. Storm has not looked back since and is so happy that she did not allow fear to keep her from following her heart! 


“Stormie Roots”- 2020